First Manic Monday

Tomorrow will be officially the first 'Manic Monday' of this semester. Let's call it the 'All Saints Day' after an already bygone summer for students who will be flocking back to their graveyard schools. Nothing's more gravely than sitting on a desk, engaging in hand torture as you scribble those notes and listening to your teacher's boring litany. Imagine waking up early and painstakingly look forward to exams, homeworks and demanding professors. While summer is just about to begin in the far side of the world, I almost thought it was unbelievable that the summer days had finally ended rather abruptly. It's the last day to make most out of the summer vacation. Now I can emphatically smell every school-goer's nerves. Poor boys and girls.

Lately, the weather has been great. Just a fair amount of sunshine with a comforting breeze. At least for studs, a good consolation.

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Jenna said...

yeah so bad