Vlada's Rickety Heels

Vlada Rosylyakova at the Christian Dior show @ the fashion escapist
*photo Style.com

I’ve finally been able to take pleasure in watching videos of the recent Paris Haute Couture shows. A delight to see our long leggers in action….rather in motion literally. One footage, the dior show which I’ve seen a couple of days ago, gave me this intrigued observation in favor of little miss Vlada Rosylyakova – the Russian beauty. The pre-rafaelite - bestowed darling face did a great job on that runway, but it was noticeable that she walked palpably shaky with those high stiletto heels. She was wearing a short jacket with Safari-worth of prints and a black flappy visor covered in tulle. In the video, between timeframe 5.58 and 6.02, she was too ecstatic perhaps in her attempt to make alluring poses that she makes a lousy criss-cross leg maneuver and you can see her heel slightly twitch.

Vlada Rosylyakova in Christian dior show @ the fashion escapist
Vlada Rosylyakova's near mishap

John Galliano – oh, the connoisseur of fashion escapism but so unforgiving to our frail models. And the shoes are the deadly weapon. I’ve inspected the shoes closely and no wonder….whose gluteal muscles wouldn’t quiver with those heels? It was a loose fit too on Vlada’s feet. The shoes are always a part of every models 30 second endeavor on the catwalk and constantly beset with difficulties. Love Vlada – hate the shoes!

Part 1 : Christian Dior Haute Couture Show

Part 2

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Dior Girls - Staircase Challenge

Christian Dior staircase for Haute Couture presentation @ the fashion escapist

The model line up for Christian Dior was surprisingly young. If we’re to talk about Haute Couture, at Christian Dior it has often been the theatrics – where models portray protagonists….or can fall for the antagonist’s role if wits cannot deliver the challenge. Thus, Christian dior haute couture shows have always been the shining cockpit for the girls to show off their creativity and outshine each others walks.

John Galliano poses for the finale of Christian Dior haute couture show alongside models @ the fashion escapist

This season’s show however, was cropped to a short story instead of a long novel, judging by the set where the couture collection was presented – in a lounge atmosphere of a decent house with white interiors. And the collection itself wasn’t far-off the distant imagination, in fact, I think it was not imagined. The bar suits looked exactly how Christian dior himself would’ve made it. Except that the suits were undone, rather in undies. A lot of which were 50’s underthings and a peeking chemise lace at the hemline of a skirt.

Kasia Struss and Sasha Pivovarova on Christian Dior haute couture show @ the fashion escapist
The passage route for the girls wasn’t easy. Starting from one-way down the stairs; okay some of their supermodel predecessors had gone through kooky prancing on the runway (like Aggy did in John galliano), or catwalking on that pool (if you remember Maria carla before), or a balancing act of skyrocketing heels and saucer plate hats, but this time would be a rampage down a flight of staircase! Whew.

Natasha Poly wearing a tulle ball gown at the Christian Dior haute couture show @ the fashion escapist
Anabela Belikova in a red skirtsuit at Christian Dior haute couture show @ the fashion escapist

Thanks to our brave hybrid of girls who cunningly displayed their talents by acing down that staircase under such perilous circumstances. I was impressed with our young girls for keeping an intact composure and daring to project the invoked feeling of the clothes without fear. I was particularly impressed, with Vlada’s performance, though her skinny ankle made a slight twitch but bravely projected her self. Kasia too did a good job and flawless all through out. Natasha, barely looking down as she stepped down the stairs, unfazed by the amount of tiered tulle of her ball dress and made a safe but still graceful pass afterward. Anabela too, looked very stunning in red. They’ve proved that they’re good walkers once and for all….and yes! – they made it through.

*all photos by AFP/Getty Images/Reuters via the Daily Telegraph Sphere: Related Content

Absentee List

I've done a rollcall to check who's present last Paris haute couture castings in order to reveal those who didn't make it voluntarily of course, taken from the list of today's hottest soon - to - be supermodels.


Lily Donaldson @ the fashion escapist
eagle - eyed Lily Donaldson
*photo Style.com

Coco Rocha @ the fashion escapist
flamenco dancer Coco Rocha
*photo ForeverMark ad campaign

Ali Stephens @ the fashion escapist
field-player Ali Stephens
*photo French Revue des Modes

Eniko Mihalik @ the fashion escapist
Eniko Mihalik
*photo style.com

Jourdan Dunn @ the fashion escapist
brit-girl Jourdan Dunn
*photo Style.com

Amanda Laine @ the fashion escapist
balenciaga ad campaigner Amanda Laine
* photo V magazine

Natalia Chabanenko @ the fashion escapist
psychedelic beuty Natalia Chabanenko
*photo Vogue Nippon

We miss them all and can't wait to these girls back in action.
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First Faces at Paris Haute Couture Fall 2009

We've surely missed our catwalking girls who we only get to see once in a fashion week's fleeting course. After a while, these girls have certainly hibernated well since their last sightings at Resort collections and now their just as bound-to-be traipsing the runways. And for these girls, what a better way to start the season by opening the show.

Here are the first faces of this season's Haute Couture presentations at Paris.

Sasha Pivovarova at Chanel @ the fashion escapist
Lara Stone at Jean Paul Gaultier @ the fashion escapist
Lara Stone - Jean Paul Gaultier

Anna Selezneva at Valentino @ the fashion escapist
Anna Selezneva - Elie Saab

Antonella Graef at Givenchy @ the fashion escapist
Antonella Graef - Givenchy

Hanne Gaby Odiele at Christian Lacroix @ the fashion escapist
Hanne Gaby Odiele - Christian Lacroix

Hanna Rundlof at Alexis Mabille @ the fashion escapist
Hanna Rundlof - Alexis Mabille

Siri Tollerod @ Armani Prive @ the fashion escapist
Siri Tolerod - Armani Prive

Thana Kuhnen at Christian Dior @ the fashion escapist
brazilian Thana Kuhnen has truly embodied to a couture model at Dior

*all photos from Style.com

maison martin margiela haute couture fall 2009 @ the fashion escapist
*photo from Catwalking.com

And an anonymous girl at Maison Martin Margiela - a designer who's an anarchist to image modelling with his legion of masked models, btw....beautiful dress shirt. And really we might not know who's the first face.
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Guess who....

illustrated by the fashion escapist, illustration of topmodel Freja Beha Erichsen

Guess who this topmodel is. She's soon to become one of my paper dollies.

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Silent waves

posted by the fashion escapist, silent waves

I recently got this pretty black shirt with a beautiful bib detail.
It's not only pleasingly poetic but also leaves much to tactile sensation every time I touch these tiered layers of soft cashmere.

posted by the fashion escapist, shirt with bib detail

Not to detest it's beauty but I feel it's too snug fitting on the chest and warm when worn.

posted by the fashion escapist, heavy stitching on the back of the shirt

Some laborious stitching at the back....talk about the heavy hands of Couture.

posted by the fashion escapist, shirt in its entirety

Shirt in its entirety.

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Scholastic Fantasy #2: The French Exchange Student

the french exchange student illustrated by the Fashion Escapist AKA Frivolous Fabulous

Coco R. wears Lanvin.Acne denim dress and Miu miu cardigan. Tie Hermes Twilly. Bag Chanel.

There's a newcomer. No she's not the stubborn orphan from that French cartoon show Madeline, wearing her 'un-orphanly' pretentious yellow uniform with a matching hat. She's more refined and enunciates the Standard English language with a raucous sounding 'zzz'. She doesn't wear pants but skirts. Humanities is her favorite subject in class. Maybe she's a newcomer in school, but not in style.

She's the French exchange student, donning a look that evokes quiet modesty and chic sensibility. Her style is untrained, not overtly restrained but elegant. Starting with a sleeveless denim dress (at least not denim pants) with an elastic waistband and a beautiful zipped hardware at the back. Probably the most durable dress, a product by Lanvin and Acne among many others, which I found at Acne's website and also sold at barney's. Next is an oversized Miu miu cardigan with draped sleeves from Netaporter worn like a smock. A pussycat bow knotted out of an Hermes 'twilly' scarf (I dare do!). And the bag of course, the object that betrays the discreteness of this look, Chanel Rue Cambon shopping tote. The french exchange student in the image of Canadian beauty, Coco R. (my paper dolly for this one) in an ebony hair-do borrowed from Snow White.

In contrast, this look is a mock to the Postmodern Uniform that broke out some time in the middle half of the previous decade. Now the all-abiding school girl breaks the dress code and adds more softness. A girl who can say "bon Chic!" with conviction.

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Why I love the Japs

Tiffany Godoy

The web is a pool of information and a ginormous community of individuals that all of us can conveniently access in just a slight twitch of a muscle. It seems most of the fashion content and other related resources nowadays are concentrated on the internet. Most of us scour the web for interesting content while our butts are glued in front of that monitor without ever leaving. I'm getting the feeling that the days of the 'Couch Potato' are numbered, at least in our virtual worlds and therefore, getting extinct. But wait, don't despair my friends because I have a growing obsession to share with you. I don't remember when I first started watching this show but since then, I got hooked.

I'm talking about Tokyo Fashion Express which is a news feature on both International and local Japanese Fashion aired weekly in NHK World, a Japanese News program. The show is hosted by Tiffany Godoy, a fashion journalist and style consultant. I like their comprehensive take on Internationational fashion and how its influenced by Japanese fashion and vice versa. It also talks about notable Japanese based designers as well as those who've already made it to the mainstream. Well it's not likely for news channels and television in general to broadcast 'Real' fashion....that is the things we see on the runway and its significance. These days, television has labeled fashion with an image of celebrities...repackaged it and call 'Style'...that's 90% celebrity oriented instead of pure fashion. Thanks to the japanese who never cease to showcase their culture and fashion as a relevant part of it. That's why I love the japs. I'm dying to go to Tokyo.

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Picasso Sketchbook Missing

A shameful report coming from the Picasso Museum in Paris says that a valuable Sketchbook of 33 drawings by the Cubist artist is missing. The alleged thieving took place without signs of forced entry. At this time and age, we imagine museums are heavily barred with security alarms and we expect it to be infallible, yet something like this happens. To have the sketchbook in your possession is like perusing through a summary of his early works...his ideas...his collage. How lucky for that person to have such a priceless and tangible piece of art in his/her own private delectation. I'm Jealous.


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Scholastic Fantasy #1: Proenza SCHOOLer

proenza schouler, vlada, uniform, fashion, escapist

Vlada wears proenza schouler trench coat and dress. Bag proenza schouler.

It was not a long time ago when the duo Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough featured uniform dressing which stamped the brand Proenza Schouler possibly for posterity. I think their design philosophy isn't actually that complicated nor ambitious - just the young girl outfitted in utilitarian cool (not the price though). Since then, they explored different grounds with that thematic fantasy until lately they reverted back to the uniform. More than ever, I'm lusting for their Pre-fall collection.

*Photos from Style.com

These cool looks would certainly be a vitamin supplement for my queer eyes and basically for every pixel-hungry window shopper. That blue bag is obviously very similar to their cute PS1 bags although the size still looks frugal. An odd item is that draped teal dress with an asymmetrical trim running on the bodice which is a bit disoriented to fit in the collection. It looks somewhat unusual for the brand's aesthetic. But we know sometimes how the odd things can turn to a novelty.

So absurd that I have to visually illustrate my fantasy about school-dressing and going back to studying since I'm a college drop-out (probably fixated). Blogging is free, to begin with so why can't I keep a visual diary of my out of this world fantasies? Included on my illustration is a Proenza Schouler jacket I found at Netaporter with an edgy tailoring. At first impression I thought it looked Belstaff-y but it's so much more than just a trench given its quirky details like the relapsing collar with buckle fasteners (also on the cuffs) and the paneled back. The teal dress from the pre-fall collection I incorporated as well on pre-rafaelite beauty Vlada, who's my prototype paper dolly for this look while sporting that sundae twirled hair.

To put my self in these stern looking sleeves at academic premises perhaps won't make me smarter in Math, rather to benefit from its uncompromising don't mess with me attitude.

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