About Escapism

the reason for being

Escapism may be defined as a term that pertains to the act of daydreaming, woolgathering, or simply put, a conscious effort to escape reality. Nowadays, escapism has become a term to signify entertainment through various forms of media such as music, gaming, movies, and the like.

It's an inherent trait of men to meddle with escapism as a form of self-gratification. In the early days, women escape the grueling realities of war by reading published women's journals which provide articles on househould affairs, stories and material acquisition - often depicted by Fashion illustrations.

*"Le Paravent Rouge"a fashion illustration of a dress designed by Charles Worth (1921)
published in a French fashion journal - Gazette de Bon Ton

*the definitive style of the 1920s shown in this fashion illustration
with women wearing tubular dresses.

Escapism has become an essential part in the historical development of magazines, particularly in women. Now, fashion magazines have long been established as a powerful reading material that influences how women live a more sophisticated sense of style, the way they dress, think, speak and lifestyle in general.
*a retrospective photo of fashion illustrations
during the second world war (photo taken from

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