Dress to Impress

I am infinitely curious of course, about how the players will face the French (style-wise) if their spectators have to be the known proponents of 'Chic'. I'd say if you can't beat them odds then why not leave a fashionable first impression on the court?

So far, I have seen a few noteworthy players donning their considerably 'best' tennis uniforms while some may be a little unconventional and the rest are just plain casual self-presentation. The French Open is probably one of those grand slams where the players can dress democratically disregarding any dress code...or a color code like the Wimbledon. And that shouldn't stop them from getting flashy with their outfits.

Maria Sharapova's efforts to look exceptional on any occasion is certainly noticeable. She wears a deep cyan frock with monochromatic layers adding a visual breezy flapper style. I'm afraid the item looks a little whimsical ('tinker bell' on mind). The dress looks more ethereal than sophisticated for my taste but surely it's commendable for Miss Sharapova to always go forward with her style. Actually it reminds me of a number from Andersson's past collection for Chloe with those transparent airy chiffon patches and playfully blocked colors.

*photo from style.com*

On a consistent manner, Ana Ivanovic chooses more function than form. The blue frock labeled 'Adilibria Ana' comes with her signature rouching details and a less fitting pleated hemline. To my opinion, Anna looks better in her tennis outfits than offcourt. The understated simplicity reflects her character.

There's not a lot of surprise on the men's fence except for that smart tee worn by Roger Federer himself with the usual hue but this time I spotted that peeking orange piping on the collar. That's incredibly chic. And a daring Nadal in that shocking pink shirt which proves his growing confidence on the court.

So the question is...how the french do tennis wear?.

Well, let's see.....

*photo from style.com*

Chanel spring 08 tennis suit on Gemma Ward. Take a look at that beautiful racket.

Should the caption be: 'who's the best dressed?'....then the winner would be....

none other than...

Gemma Ward of course!

*Maria Sharapova photo by Reuters/Pascal Rossignol (FRANCE SPORT TENNIS) via Reuters.com*
*Ana Ivanovic photo by REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel (FRANCE SPORT TENNIS) via Reuters.com*

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maEk said...

I like Sharapova's dress better

toOtsie said...

LOL....gemma ward is the winner! haha

Lagelle said...

I love it all! btw come visit www.lagelledailydose.blogspot.com