Another French Affair

After yesterday's Cannes, it's another affair with the French as Roland Garros starts this week. 'King of Clay' Rafael Nadal is up for a fifth consecutive French Open title after winning last year's duel with the great Roger Federer.

I'm a tennis buff but not really in the sense that I like to do all the hustling and covering all the court - it's a lot of work. Tennis is a physically strenuous sport and my rail thin body just isn't fit enough. How I wish I can be as good as Rafa Nadal, my current tennis hero. Most people go for the esteemed Roger Federer (who's graceful skill I admire) but still my heart goes to Nadal. I've grown seeing Nadal's development on the court through the years. Sometimes, I look from the past and it seems unbelievable how this boy became a solid player at the top of his game.

The biggest upset, as far as the all time favorite Rafa vs Fed rivalry was concerned, happened last week when Roger beat Rafa in front of his own countrymen at the finals of Madrid Masters. I thought Roger must have had a great deal of redemption after getting 3 grand slam defeats since the french open '08 by the almost insurmountable Nadal. I feel confident that Nadal will win despite growing suspicions of a knee injury. Though, I feel it's right to say that Federer is at his element.

I can't wait.

What a brave thing for him (Nadal) to wear pink. In all history of tennis that's the glorious most fashionable tennis tee I have ever seen.

*Photo by JACQUES DEMARTHON/AFP/Getty Images via YahooSports*
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tulip said...

Nadal is soo hot on that photo!