In Pursuit of 'The Uniform'

School's out. The first day of the academic calendar just arrived here in the Philippines. It seems there's a back - to - school theme nauseously thrown in the air everywhere I look. There's a nostalgic feeling about it. It reminds me of my formative years as a student. But more vividly perhaps I can recall a few college memories. I dread to remember my self regarding the way I looked during those 'careless' (style-wise) days. I didn't buy the idea of clothing as important. Sometimes I can still hear those gullible friendly foes at my back laughing at my shoes (while I'm manually washing the dishes). Basically, I was the amicable one but reserved in my introverted thoughts....sits around corners....not a care about the world. I didn't think those girls were right in a way, I didn't realize I was betraying my self with the way I looked. As an artistically - inclined individual I knew that I had an intrinsic affinity to fashion. Back to those college days I was particularly critical with my uniform. It was a pain in the butt having to wear them on week days (except on a Wednesday). Now I'm fantasizing about it. What if I go back to school? Specifically, I think the million-dollar question is...."what would I wear?" And the blinking cursor struck me hard. Now's the time to reclaim my self. In my subsequent posts I will be having fun with this project I call: the Scholastic Fantasies as I find for the perfect uniform(s), in honor of redeeming my ugly past.

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