Scholastic Fantasy #2: The French Exchange Student

the french exchange student illustrated by the Fashion Escapist AKA Frivolous Fabulous

Coco R. wears Lanvin.Acne denim dress and Miu miu cardigan. Tie Hermes Twilly. Bag Chanel.

There's a newcomer. No she's not the stubborn orphan from that French cartoon show Madeline, wearing her 'un-orphanly' pretentious yellow uniform with a matching hat. She's more refined and enunciates the Standard English language with a raucous sounding 'zzz'. She doesn't wear pants but skirts. Humanities is her favorite subject in class. Maybe she's a newcomer in school, but not in style.

She's the French exchange student, donning a look that evokes quiet modesty and chic sensibility. Her style is untrained, not overtly restrained but elegant. Starting with a sleeveless denim dress (at least not denim pants) with an elastic waistband and a beautiful zipped hardware at the back. Probably the most durable dress, a product by Lanvin and Acne among many others, which I found at Acne's website and also sold at barney's. Next is an oversized Miu miu cardigan with draped sleeves from Netaporter worn like a smock. A pussycat bow knotted out of an Hermes 'twilly' scarf (I dare do!). And the bag of course, the object that betrays the discreteness of this look, Chanel Rue Cambon shopping tote. The french exchange student in the image of Canadian beauty, Coco R. (my paper dolly for this one) in an ebony hair-do borrowed from Snow White.

In contrast, this look is a mock to the Postmodern Uniform that broke out some time in the middle half of the previous decade. Now the all-abiding school girl breaks the dress code and adds more softness. A girl who can say "bon Chic!" with conviction.

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