Vlada's Rickety Heels

Vlada Rosylyakova at the Christian Dior show @ the fashion escapist
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I’ve finally been able to take pleasure in watching videos of the recent Paris Haute Couture shows. A delight to see our long leggers in action….rather in motion literally. One footage, the dior show which I’ve seen a couple of days ago, gave me this intrigued observation in favor of little miss Vlada Rosylyakova – the Russian beauty. The pre-rafaelite - bestowed darling face did a great job on that runway, but it was noticeable that she walked palpably shaky with those high stiletto heels. She was wearing a short jacket with Safari-worth of prints and a black flappy visor covered in tulle. In the video, between timeframe 5.58 and 6.02, she was too ecstatic perhaps in her attempt to make alluring poses that she makes a lousy criss-cross leg maneuver and you can see her heel slightly twitch.

Vlada Rosylyakova in Christian dior show @ the fashion escapist
Vlada Rosylyakova's near mishap

John Galliano – oh, the connoisseur of fashion escapism but so unforgiving to our frail models. And the shoes are the deadly weapon. I’ve inspected the shoes closely and no wonder….whose gluteal muscles wouldn’t quiver with those heels? It was a loose fit too on Vlada’s feet. The shoes are always a part of every models 30 second endeavor on the catwalk and constantly beset with difficulties. Love Vlada – hate the shoes!

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